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friendly in what ways?

The PSU Daily Collegian reported last week that Penn State earned five starts for its LGBT-friendly learning environment according to Campus Pride. The report is based on programming and services, so it doesn’t accurately reflect the “friendly learning environment.” As … Continue reading

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Sissyboy documentary

When I lived in Oregon, one of my favorite events was going to see a Sissyboy performance: a troupe of drag queens and gender benders who really took the culture of shame to task and messed with gender and social … Continue reading

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thoughts on Bruno

Possible spoilers ahead. I saw Brüno in the theatres this afternoon, and I’m not sure what to make of it. I mainly went out of curiosity, because I’m fascinating by his over-the-top performances. I heard a lot of concern from … Continue reading

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notes from the interblags: post RSA edition

Yesterday concluded the RSA Summer Institute, held here at Penn State. Participants from around the country came to discuss rhetoric in either a week-long seminar or a weekend workshop (or for some, both). I was in the Queering Rhetorical Studies … Continue reading

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the trouble with [the acceptance] of normal

Cord Jefferson at The Root (h/t Queerty): The annual marches ultimately accomplish two things: They entertain those of us—gay and straight—who already wholeheartedly support the cause of equal rights for the LGBT community, and they feed into the rotten stereotypes … Continue reading

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