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Robin Becker on “teaching-poets”

What separates “teaching-poets” from other poets? We spend our lives with the young. The intimacy of the creative writing classroom means that we have a unique kind of access to the next generation. Through our students’ poems, we learn about … Continue reading

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Suheir Hammad’s poetry

An video of Suheir Hammad’s poetry, appropriate in my case now as I’m sitting in on a Post 9/11 Theory course. This week we’re discussing Slavoj Zizek’s The Desert of the Real; I’ll try to post more on my thoughts … Continue reading

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Fulton on poetry:

I’m reading a draft of a colleague’s paper, and she quotes Alice Fulton from an interview. I thought it was pretty cool, so I’m quoting it here. Fulton is discussing her use the of the double equals sign (= =): … Continue reading

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LeGuin on Literature and Government

Culture Cat posted today from Ursula LeGuin’s acceptance speech for the Maxine Cushing Gray Award: There have been governments that celebrated literature, but most governments dislike it, justly suspecting that all their power and glory will soon be forgotten unless … Continue reading

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poetry’s link to activism

To the white female poet who says, “Well, frankly, I believe that politics and poetry don’t necessarily have to go together,” I say, “Your little taste of white privilege has deluded you into thinking that you don’t have to fight … Continue reading

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