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Zizek on charity consumption

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, an analysis by Slavoj Zizek about charity consumption. Fantastic:

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neoliberalism explained by sock puppets

Via Liz Losh. Critical theory at it’s finest. My favorite part: when Foucault’s and Deleuze and Guatarri’s concepts come in (societies of discipline and control).

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Trimbur: Composition and the Circulation of Writing

In “Composition and the Circulation of Writing,” John Trimbur critiques the prevalent practice in composition pedagogy of reducing the canon of delivery to mere submission of a paper, which separates writing education from modes of production and delivery and over-emphasizes … Continue reading

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some notes from gallagher and greenblatt

On New Historicism: Does this mean that we have constituted ourselves as, in the words of a detractor, “the School of Resentment”? Not at all: we are, if anything, rather inclined to piety. Nonetheless, any attempt at interpretation, as distinct … Continue reading

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white guys

Pfeil’s essay “Sympathy for the Devils: Notes on Some White Guys and the Ridiculous Class War” investigates a few groups of white men that are often accused by those on the Left, by feminists, and by minority groups, as being … Continue reading

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