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The Future is Now: Presentation to the RU Board of Governors

From the WPA listserve (which I just joined a few days ago), Richard Miller’s 7-minute presentation to the Rutger University’s Board of Governors: I would say that the Humanities, in the last 10-20 years, somewhat lost its way in becoming … Continue reading

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since when have i become obsessed with virtue ethics?

There is a faculty which is called cleverness; and this is such as to be able to do the things that tend towards the mark we have set before ourselves, and to hit it. Now if the mark be noble, … Continue reading

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great website full of ads and gender

I’m working on a performance art piece for Queer Vox as part of this year’s Pride Week at OSU. My performance/presentation will revolve around gender and the sexualization of youth — and a hopefully well-done deconstruction of it. I came … Continue reading

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4C’s reflection: Thursday

a continuation of my notes from 4C’s: Thursday: A.23 Forging a Scholarly and Professional Identity Online: Blogging as Discovery and Externalization of Self Geoffrey Middlebrook, Sandra Ross, and LauraAnne Caroll-Adler (University of Southern California, Los Angeles) all discussed their use … Continue reading

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consequences in education, oh, and on that remixing stuff

I’m always being in my Harper’s reading. During my vacation (4C’s in NYC, and now in Pittsburgh), I was finally able to catch up on the September 2006 issue. There’s a pretty good Forum on using video games that might … Continue reading

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