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Bizzaro: “Men as Cautious Feminists” (2005)

I’m reading Calling Cards: Theory and Practice in the Study of Race, Gender, and Culture, edited by Jacqueline Jones Royster and Ann Marie Mann Simpkins, for class. Excellent book! I just read “Men as Cautious Feminists: Reading, Responding, Role-Modeling as … Continue reading

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MacKinnon: Animal Rights and the right question

I’ve been reading a lot over the last month or so, but haven’t been blogging about it. I’d like to return this blog back to its roots a bit and start chronicling what I’m reading, including some summaries and responses. … Continue reading

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sexual politics of meat

In some respects we all acknowledge the sexual politics of meat. When we think that men, especially male athletes, need meat, or when wives report that they could give up meat but they fix it for their husbands, the overt … Continue reading

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compulsory meat eating

Of course you can always count on secular colleges to promote absurdity. One recent workshop at the University of California Santa Cruz was entitled: Compulsory Meat-Eating and the Lesbian Vegetarian Connection. The thrust of the workshop was how eating meat … Continue reading

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what can we learn about comments from misogynists on youtube?

That feminism is still needed. I love this video. And the shirt: Oh, you can see the awful comments Jessica got for this video (before she deleted them) here.

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