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Lloyd: Beyond Identity Politics (2005)

Beyond Identity Politics: Feminism, Power and Politics by Moya Lloyd My review rating: 5 of 5 starsLloyd’s book is an excellent book for those interested in feminism and post-structuralist theories of identity and politics. Lloyd is able to articulately and … Continue reading

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the need for alliance building: fighting racism and homophobia

A friend of mine is working on a zine about queer politics and has asked me to write something. Below the cut is the draft I have so far — pretty rough, but a start. Related to this, today I … Continue reading

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post election thoughts: morning in America

cross-posted As I listened to NPR this morning, I heard Representative Lewis’s acceptance speech, where he talked about Obama’s win, rather than his own, and Jesse Jackson’s reaction as well. I teared up a little, thinking about how monumental this … Continue reading

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“If we have learned anything in the years of late twentieth-century feminism, it’s that ‘always’ blots out what we really need to know: When, where, and under what conditions has the statement been true?” (Adrienne Rich, “Notes Toward a Politics … Continue reading

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Propagandhi: Refusing To Be A Man

In a previous post (also my response paper for a class), I was concerned with the translation of academic discourse into various other discourse communities, especially in regards to difference and oppression. As Lisa Duggan puts the sentiment, the discourse … Continue reading

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