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different discourses for different folks

Lots of folks are talking about their old high school friends, classmates, and even enemies friending them on Facebook. One of my old high school friends recently friended me, after we hadn’t talked in five years (since our five year … Continue reading

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post election thoughts: morning in America

cross-posted As I listened to NPR this morning, I heard Representative Lewis’s acceptance speech, where he talked about Obama’s win, rather than his own, and Jesse Jackson’s reaction as well. I teared up a little, thinking about how monumental this … Continue reading

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Shepard: Teaching “The Renaissance” (1998)

Shepard discusses his experiences as a gay son of a Midwestern farmer studying and teaching Renaissance literature. He focuses on the class aspects of the literature, often choosing cultural artifacts over “art,” a distinction he admits is artificial (217). He … Continue reading

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the class divide: blue-collar roots, academic dreams

Dawn writes about her discomfort in academia, as she reads The Winter Sundays: Female Academics and Their Working-Class Parents, a book that seems to have similar threads to Limbo: Blue-Collar Roots, White-Collar Dreams. Dawn writes: Nowhere is it [the class … Continue reading

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