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changing my theme… again!

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sidewalk blogging

I took these pictures about a month ago, but thought of them again tonight. Someone on campus, “Nathan,” has started sidewalk blogging. This involves a “post” a day on a square of sidewalk in front of the library on campus, … Continue reading

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rhetoric and psychoanalysis

There’s a pretty good conversation starting up at The Blogora on Rhetoric and Psychoanalysis. If you’re interested, check it out. (An addition: I’m engaged in an argument with my cousin on Facebook about homosexuality. With the Iowa supreme court ruling … Continue reading

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the ethics of anonymity

via The Philosophist, here’s an Huffington Post column about an Alaska state legislator revealing the previously anonymous identity of “Alaska Muckraker,” the Alaskan blogger who wrote about Sarah Palin once she was nominated for vice president. The column brings up … Continue reading

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Dennis Jerz on my CCCC Panel

I finally got around to reading Dennis Jerz’s summary and response to the CCCC panel I was on a few weeks ago. I think he pretty accurately conveyed what we discussed on the panel, as well as evaluated some of … Continue reading

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