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notes from the interblags

Some interesting links: • Konrad Glogowski posts about his own voice in blogs while teaching 8th grade. I found his post really interesting in regards to personal voice and identity presentation/representation. An excerpt: What I am really concerned about, however, … Continue reading

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notes on academic agonism from Mike Rose

I have one more thing to say about the kind of critique I tried to fashion [in Possible Lives]. Academic training is agonistic; graduate study instills in us the penchant for critique, and the disciplinary tools to do it. More … Continue reading

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debate competitions changing…

This LA Times article is quite interesting. Jim at Blogora asks if this new debate is a good or bad thing. I might say both, but I’m going to lean towards good. Here’s an excerpt from the article: In recent … Continue reading

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lots of talking today…

This week has been busy. I haven’t gone to bed a single night this week without feeling like I got less than half of my to-do list done. This might not seem so bad to others, since it’s only Tuesday, … Continue reading

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