194/365/2015 red lights (at Lonestar Oyster Bar 34th st The…

194/365/2015 red lights (at Lonestar Oyster Bar 34th st The Original Yacht Club)

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  1. Bill says:

    As someone from the lietrary side of the discipline who spends most of his time these days teaching advanced comp, I applaud most of these observations, from the condescension masquerading as sensitivity in much undergraduate education to the abomination that is relatable. I need to point out, though, that gets used isn’t actually passive voice: gets is an active verb, combined here with a participial adjective. It’s still ugly call it a pseudo-passive construction. And given that we don’t even know if Homer was a real person, and if so whether he was an Ionian Greek as some traditions have it, asserting that he was brown a term that surely has different associations today than in Hellenic culture strikes me as a little odd. Ionians (such as those who lived Athens) were dark and Dorians (such as those who lived in Sparta) were light, but it would be anachronistic to draw a correlation to ethnic prejudice today. As for theory, it should be like a set of glasses you can take on and off as needed. I’ve gotten something out of reading Derrida (whether commensurate with the effort I can’t decide), less out of reading Foucault, and nothing at all out of reading Lacan except a headache. I’ve had a brief and unpleasant public encounter with Gayatri Spivack. My dissertation advisor, himself the theorist who first applied the term postmodern to literature, always called Lacan the murkiest writer he had ever encountered. The problems with theory start when people forget all theories are metaphors. They can be useful and illuminating, but the moment you start to inhabit any theory so totally that you forget it is something you impose on reality rather than something inherent in it, you’re down the rabbit-hole. To use the distinction made by Archilochus between foxes, who know many things, and hedgehogs, who know one big thing, devotees of a particular theory are hedgehogs. I tend to find foxes better company.Cheers.

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