First Week with the iPad in Technical Writing

Week 2 of the term is almost over, and my class has met four times. On Tuesday, we handed out the iPad, and today as a class we downloaded the textbook and apps for the course (paid for with gift cards from Educational Technology Services). Stuart Selber (director of composition at Penn State), Erin Long (in ETS), Patricia Gael (another tech writing instructor who is helping design the course and will be teaching with the iPads in the spring), and I are blogging about our experiences planning and implementing the iPad at Teaching, Living, and Learning with the iPad.

Here are a few posts I’ve written:

On Tuesday I wrote a post about handing out the iPads to students.

I also posted a few pictures of students first getting their iPads.

Today I wrote about what I learned from our frustrating day of setting up apps and such.

I’m excited for the rest of the term, as frustrating as the technical problems have been. Anyone who is interested can see what applications and workflow systems we’ve decided to use. Additionally, the course website is here. Also, I’ll close with a screenshot of a note I wrote while reading Chapter 5 of Mike Markel’s Technical Communication (9th edition).

PS: I wrote this post using the WordPress app on my iPad.

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  1. //Sub/Corpus says:

    love the ipad …
    one month with the ipad and i have yet to decide on a case …
    too much choice online … hehe …
    I am loving the comic apps and flipboard …

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