iPads in Higher Ed: A Roundup

I weeded through my Delicious bookmarks to create a list of colleges and universities using the iPad this fall. Here’s some links to news stories or university webpages:

Penn State in my technical writing course and for instructors in the technical writing teaching training course (Onward State story)

• Notre Dame in a project management course (Notre Dame News)

Illinois Institute of Technology gives iPads to all undergrads (TechCrunch)

Seton Hill gives iPads to all undergrads (Jerz’s Literacy Weblog)

Reed College is conducting a formal experiment (Chronicle Wired Campus)

North Carolina State‘s library is checking out iPads to students for four-hour time periods (NCSU library web page)

• University of Maryland‘s Digital Cultures and Creativity (DCC) living and learning program will be giving its students iPads (UM Newsdesk)

Stanford University is giving iPads to incoming medical students (Stanford Daily)

George Fox University is giving students the choice of an iPad or MacBook (cost included in tuition) (George Fox News & Events)

Oklahoma Christian University already offers students an iPhone or iPod Touch, but students can now upgrade to an iPad for an additional fee (Oklahoma Christian University AlumNews)

• Duke will be distributing iPads to grad students in a course on field research (Campus Technology)

Long Island University is giving iPads to incoming first-year students and transfer students (Long Island University Press Release)

Oklahoma State is running a pilot project with the iPad in business and media courses (OK State Spears School of Business)

• Northwest Kansas Technical College is giving each full time student an iPad (NWKTC)

Chicago State University is giving all incoming students an iPad (Chicago State University Freshmen Registration)

Williston State (North Dakota) is giving full-time professors iPads (Chronicle Wired Campus)

A pretty good list. Let me know in the comments if there’s a school I missed.


Scottsdale Community College is using iPads with 33 students to replace laptops, including for Blackboard and ereading. Thanks to Julie Knapp for leaving a comment.


Eric Lai and Jim Siegl have developed a great list of iPad projects here. You can also submit your project if it’s not listed.

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4 Responses to iPads in Higher Ed: A Roundup

  1. Meagan says:

    Thanks for this. The lure of the iPad is getting to me. I haven’t bought one yet, but I’m really liking the possibilities to improve the experience of reading and commenting on student papers in Word. I do it now on laptop or desktop, but the iPad would make that so much easier. Any experience with that? (I’ll check your archive now to see if there’s something you’ve written on it.)

  2. Michael says:

    Hey Meagan,

    I’ll probably be writing about that experience later this term. As we were developing the course, we explored options for commenting. Unfortunately, all word processing apps lack an essential feature: comments and track changes. However, we’re going to have students export their files into pdf format and I’ll be commenting on them in iAnnotate PDF, which allows for commenting on PDFs. So I’ll be using that, and hopefully reflecting on it here.

    I think a great aspect of the iPad is the single-tasking — I have to leave a program to do something else (which helps focus, and thus, commenting on a single paper at once instead of getting frustrated and checking my email).

  3. Julie Knapp says:

    Add Scottsdale Community College to the list. We are using the iPads with 33 students to test it out as a full laptop replacement through Citrix use and as an ebook and web browser/Blackboard access system. So far, so good. A story appears in the Scottsdale Chronicle on Sept. 21.

  4. Michael says:

    Thanks, Julie. I’ll add it to the list 🙂

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