what a term! whew!

I’m sitting with a cup of coffee about to head out of town for break. So, it’s time for a way-too-brief reflection on the term that just ended and I thought would kill nearly everyone I know. Well, that’s hyperbolic. But seriously, what with the cases of flu my friends got, the heavy workload (it seemed more than usual), this term kicked many people hard. Myself included. At one point, staring down three seminar papers, I didn’t see how I was going to do it. But I did.

So now, drum roll: I’m done with course work! Next term, I read for comprehensive exams, which I’m pretty excited about.

But today, I get on a jet plane to Iowa (well, a jet and then a little tiny plane) for nine days of wintery rural bliss. It’ll be nice to just lay around and read and try to avoid that television (that’s always on) at my parents’ house. And see my cousins (who I am missing as they grow up) and maybe see some old college friends. Also, I’m spending New Years Eve in Austin, which is exciting, as I’ve never been there and hear so many wonderful things.

This post also marks a new resolution for me: I want to blog more often again. I think with reading for comps, I’ll have things to write about. I’ll probably need to write about what I read for it to sink in, as I won’t be discussing the content in courses.

I’m excited for what 2010 may bring.

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