draft of queer rhetorics bibliography

I’ve created a draft of a bibliography titled “Articles, Books, and Book Chapters about Gay, Lesbian, Trans, and Queer Rhetorics, Queering Rhetoric, Literacy and Sexuality, and the Queer in Composition,” encompassing all the stuff I’ve managed to find regarding those topics. I’m attaching a word document to this post in case you want to download it, and please let me know if there’s anything I’ve left off!

(old file removed)

EDIT: I should note that I didn’t include scholarship from outside rhetoric (like Butler, queer theory out of literature, etc.), even if it was clearly rhetorical. I did include a few things, though (like anthropologist Valentine’s ethnography of transgender).

EDIT (28 December 2009): I updated the list to include some things I’ve forgotten or were notified about. It’s still not complete, but I think it’s pretty close: queer-rhetorics-version2 (.doc file)

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  1. Michael says:

    If you’re on the queer rhetoric wiki, I was just informed via Twitter that there are more resources on the queer rhetoric wiki that I’ve obviously missed. I’ll try to update the two when I get time.

  2. Janet M. Atwill says:

    Thanks for this very valuable resource!

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