where did the time go?

Fall term starts today. Year Two is about to begin, or I guess has begun. Time is flying. It should be a fun and interesting year: I’m working as a composition assistant this year, have an RA position with Stuart Selber—and because of these two things, I’m not teaching this term, which will be a weird change, but should restructure my time some. I’m teaching a new class in the spring, Liberal Arts 100H, which combines honors first-year rhetoric and composition and Communication Arts and Sciences 101A into a 4-credit course. I’ve got a couple projects on my plate that are exciting and fun. And this fall I need to prepare for comps, which I’ll take at the end of spring term.

So, that’s the large picture of the year. Right now, I just need to prioritize a to-do list and enjoy the first coffee of the term.

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