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Harvard Business: An analysis of Twitter based on gender. Men are more likely to follow other men and more likely to be followed by more people, although there are more women on Twitter than men. Additionally, 90% of the content on Twitter is produced by only 10% of users, and the medium number of lifetime tweets by a user is 1.

• Boing Boing: A great graphic highlighting the text of Jacksonville State University President William Meehan’s dissertation, showing how much was plagiarized. Neither JSU nore Meehan’s alma mater, Alabama, plan to do anything about the issue.

• Open Education: “The Future of Books (and Authors) in the Digital Age.”

Read/Write Web: The ereader and ebook market is read to grow?

• Read/Write Web: A history professor uses Twitter in his class.

• NY Times: Interesting piece on the definition of the potato chip and its relationship to judicial opinions and law interpretation. (via the philosophist)

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