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• Ira Socol’s post The Width of the World is an interesting read about social media tools. I don’t entirely agree with all his points, but he’s started a decent discussion about groupthink, time-wasting, and human relationships (arguing, largely, against Larry Sanger’s blog post here).

• Via someone on Twitter: I LOVE these clowns, who confronted a KKK rally with their own responses and parodies of KKK chants. Fantastic!

• Howard Rheingold at SFGate discusses Twitter literacy. Pretty good read, and he doesn’t (thank god!) make up a neologism for Twitter literacy.

• I meant to post this awhile ago: Mark Simpson has an interesting discussion of the sexuality/gender play between Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin. Very very interesting! (Thanks, Lani, for the link!) Here’s one of the videos Simpson shares:

• In case you missed it, Danger Mouse might release a blank CD-R with cover art because of a copyright battle over the music with EMI. So, the point is, download the music somewhere and burn the CD. Interesting idea, since with free music downloads everywhere, you are often buying the packaging and artwork when you buy a CD.

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