speaking of digital vs. print

I too am bothered by College Composition and Communication‘s decision to put only excerpts to the Re-Visions and Review essays in the print issue and to put the full text online. Go to Deb’s post for a great discussion about the decision to do so.

I love the digital, but prefer print for sustained academic reading. On the bright side, this looks like one of the most interesting issues I’ve seen (judging from the titles of articles).

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2 Responses to speaking of digital vs. print

  1. Ira Socol says:

    When “norms” switch, different people are disabled/inconvenienced. At least people seeking to print out digital texts because they prefer that format need not prove their pathologies to a “disabilities office” and get special permission, the way it is often is for university students who want to convert print to digital.

  2. Michael says:

    That’s so true, Ira. Thank you!

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