wrapping up the term

I just finished a draft of my final Identity, Rhetoric, and Writing paper, which is on ZAP, the 1970s newsletter put out by the student group Homophiles of Penn State. Now, all I need to do, as I relayed on Twitter, is a) write a conclusion and clearer thesis, b) give the paper a title, c) fix some MLA stuff, and d) edit and do a last revision after a peer review session with classmates!

The term is winding down. This is the last week of classes, and you know what? The term went quickly. I was a bit apprehensive about the move back to semesters instead of quarters, but I am so happy. Fifteen weeks is so much more ideal than ten weeks. I actually felt like I got in-depth in the material for classes and had more time to do some quality research.

All that is left on the docket for this term:
a) Revise my paper
b) Write a 4-page version of the paper for presentation
c) Write a conference proposal
d) Finish my paper for emancipatory composition
e) Teach three class periods, which are mostly students presenting (yay!)
f) Grade my students’ final paper, which they turn in tomorrow
g) Grade any revisions students turn in
h) Complete grades

And then there’s a whole host of things to work on over break:
a) Working on my syllabus for next term
b) Helping work on the general English 015 syllabus for next term
c) Work on revising one paper and a chapter of my thesis I wrote while at OSU
d) Work on my CCCC talk

This all feels oddly manageable! (Maybe it’s the coffee I’ve downed today.)

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