the tv teaches me sexism is cool

I don’t watch television. That’s right, I’m one of those edu-macated snobby urban elites who is above televisions. One Who Thinks He Does The World Good By Abstaining From Television. Okay, I’m being all facetious and hyperbolic and whatnot, but I hate the television. Why? It’s got lots of crap, but mostly, lots of sexism. I spent Friday afternoon through Monday afternoon on my parents’ farm. Not much to do there but watch the tube. So, I saw more football and basketball than I had seen in ages, and while I’m not a fan, it’s at least entertaining, in both a mind-numbing way and a thought-provoking way (strategy, statistics, cause and effect, etc.).

But the thirty-second commercials during these three-hour commercials for professional sports were awful. This is a reason not to watch television. According to the TV, jewelry means love, love means commitment of the monogamous type, and that means men buy women stuff!! Especially shiny things!

The most disturbing commercial I saw, though, was for the DVD of the recent movie/musical Mamma Mia. The commercial begins with words across the screen: “You know she wants it.” Then: “Give it to her.” Then some stuff from the movie. And closing: “Be a man.” “Buy Mamma Mia for her.” So let me get this, uh, yes, straight: First, being a man means not wanting to see a musical for yourself — it means letting your manhood down long enough to buy a musical for your female partner. Not only that, but the commercial has to tap into the rape culture: You know she wants it — Give it to her!

Wow. Not Cool, TV. Not Cool.

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