term terminus terminated

This morning, I submitted grades online, marking the completion of the term. Finis. Terminus. Over. Completed.

And it feels good, of course.

Now, I have a lot of work I want to get done over break. Mainly, work on a couple possible articles, work on my CCCC talk, and, of course, work on my course for next term. This afternoon, I met with some other instructors and we worked on the general English 015 syllabus for next term. It was 5 hours of great collaborative work. Tomorrow, I get to sit down with Rebecca and work on our English 30 courses for next term, themed “Language, Culture, and Technology.” I’m really excited about the course. I’ll write more later, because right now, my roommate and I are going to the bar to reward ourselves for cleaning the apartment.

EDIT: My roommate lost his ID, so no celebration tonight….

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2 Responses to term terminus terminated

  1. Sara J says:

    Will ENG 30 be like Lisa’s 595? You have a head start there. Sounds very interesting. Do you have a computer classroom to teach in? What textbook are you using?

  2. Michael says:

    It’s honors FYC, and in some ways, we’re borrowing from Lisa’s class. And yes, I have a classroom with computers! 🙂

    We’re not using a rhetoric textbook, but rather having a whole bunch of readings, including Mashall McLuhan and Steven Johnson (Everything Bad Is Good for You). We’re pulling from various websites for resources, such as the Purdue OWL website.

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