A Collage of 2008

John tagged me (in a non-obligated kind of way) for this meme, so i thought I’d oblige and share the title of the first post for each month in 2008 to start to wrap up the year:

• January: i’m back home
• February: Coulter endorses Clinton over McCain
• March: c’mon, you’d “cheat” too
• April: do not adjust your set
• May: who owns words? Lesbians vs. Lesbians
• June: An Open Letter to My White LGBT Siblings
• July: reification of gay identities
• August: Giroux: “Who Writes in a Cultural Studies Class?”
• September: welcome to the new site!
• October: i am no economist
• November: email: watch out for those evil pinko commies
• December: november writing: fail!

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