a belated end of term wrap-up

So, after failing to get 15,000 academic words written in November, I created the same goal for December. Beat it early, but never updated my chart:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
22,396 / 15,000

I thought I’d share some word clouds from my papers this term as well. If you want, you can click on the tiny image to see a full page one. For my paper for Emancipatory Composition:

And for Rhetoric, Writing, and Identity:

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2 Responses to a belated end of term wrap-up

  1. Laura says:

    “positionality” — cool word. Thanks for reminding me. I just used it as a key word and found a helpful book for my thesis.
    Congrats on meeting your wordcount goal already!

  2. Michael says:

    Thanks, Laura!

    You might check out the following source, which I found very useful:

    Sánchez, Rosaura. “On A Critical Realist Theory of Identity.”
    Alcoff, Linda Martín, Michael Hames-García, Satya P. Mohanty, and Paula M. L. Moya, ed. Identity Politics Reconsidered. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2006. 31-52.

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