Madonna: Queer Theorist

In Crip Theory, Robert McRuer calls Madonna a queer theorist. I’m inclined to agree.

I’m gonna break the cycle
I’m gonna shake up the system
I’m gonna destroy my ego

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3 Responses to Madonna: Queer Theorist

  1. ML Sugie says:

    I’ve always been impressed with the song “Human Nature” by Madonna. It’s definitely just a tad queer.

  2. Lisa Ede says:

    Hi Michael,
    I watched this the other day and had a pretty mixed response. I liked certain aspects of the video, but I have some reservations about the violence. Did that bother you at all?


  3. Michael says:

    Yes, the violence did bother me — especially the racialized violence. Evil seems to be represented as two “others” — the raced other (here, Asian “totalitarians” perhaps) — and the “dark” other that is a double or within the self.

    I was more struck by some (though not all) of Madonna’s lyrics in the song than by the video in itself. It’s visually appealing, I believe, mostly because it draws on our cultural narratives of race, internal struggle, violence, and, of course, James Bond.

    The video is no means an ideal.

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