next to last day at OSU

Today was my next to last day teaching at OSU. My business writing class is going so well! With only 7 students, I was both excited for the small class and worried about class dynamics. But the students have been working so well together (with the usual problems of who is pulling how much weight), and I’ve had an opportunity to give feedback on drafts of work that I normally don’t get while teaching 4 classes of 25 or more each. I’m excited to read their final reports, which they’ll turn in on Thursday or Friday, and I imagine that both groups’ final reports will be above average in quality.

Today I signed my termination form for OSU. It feels so weird thinking I’m about done here. In two weeks, I’m departing Oregon (a state I’ve grown to love so much!) for Penn State. Woah. So much packing to do!

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