i tried to prevent this problem

Last term I had my students’ final business writing reports due the last day of class. The presented the problem that I would grade during finals week and then, when it came to the last report or two, I’d come across a plagiarism problem. This was difficult, because it would mean trying to get a hold of the student to come in and talk about it. Last term, the cases were entirely unintentional, so I let the students revise and fix their problems.

This term I tried to remedy this by moving the project up during the term and moving the resumes and cover letters to the end. However, due to being overwhelmed with grading, I wasn’t able to finish grading the reports before Friday, so no more classes, and what do you know, as I am about to finish up, a case of academic dishonesty. So it’s back to email to ask for students to come into my office.

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