1993: when “the internet” was just “internet”

Go here to see a news video from 1993 that discusses this new thing called “internet” (woah, without the article “the”!). The descriptions of emoticons is classic! Some other classic quotes (the first of which is all too familiar even today):

“There are no borders on the Internet.”

“It has more soul than any human being I know.”

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3 Responses to 1993: when “the internet” was just “internet”

  1. Ira Socol says:

    That’s fabulous! It quickly goes into my history collection with this – from You Tube” – where we discover the “mouse,” the “click,” and most radically, the idea of multitasking.
    -my blog post on that is at http://speedchange.blogspot.com/2007/11/comprehending-what-new-technology-does.html

    best line “turn your head to the left…”

  2. I really like the characterization they used of “a modulated anarchy”. When I was younger I subscribed to the idea that anarchy was basically equivalent to true freedom.

    It’s still interesting the way that “Internet” has developed it’s own culture, etiquette, and standards.

  3. Genewize says:

    this is excellent! thanks for that. i have spent overan hour just viewing the links on this page! great looking site by the way!


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