Super Tuesday infographics

via Information Aesthetics, check out this blog post about infographics used to depict Super Tuesday primary results. Something to use in class, perhaps, as we talk about graphics in technical writing.

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2 Responses to Super Tuesday infographics

  1. Reid Parham says:

    I’m intrigued—how did the discussion go? Was the Barometer’s front page for Wednesday the 6th included in the conversation?

    The margins of victory (vote percentages) was one big thing I neglected.

  2. Michael says:

    I haven’t brought this up in class yet. We were focusing on sentence style in class on Friday, but as we go back to graphics, I’ll probably bring this in.

    I’ll try to see if I kept that issue of the Barometer and if we can cover it when we look at graphics. I can’t promise that we’ll even cover this blog post and the Baro, but I’m going to try if I can fit it in.

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