notes from the interblags, the back from Europe edition

Here’s some interesting reads:

• I’m fascinating by issues of privacy and online social networking, and this time, it’s related to the double standard between young men and young women. Feministing links to this CNN article about young women posting pictures of themselves drunk, passed out, dancing on tables, on a Facebook group:

What you won’t find on this page — called “Thirty Reasons Girls Should Call it a Night” — is humiliation and embarrassment. For the most part, the women post the photos themselves, seemingly with pride. This makes many adults — teachers, counselors, parents — worry that students aren’t thinking through the consequences of showing themselves drunk to the world.

Many photos on the site are accompanied by full names and the colleges the women attend, apparently without much concern that parents, or potential employers, will take a look.

Feministing’s perspective:

I can take the health line of approach that maybe binge drinking isn’t good for you, but the young women should know better or should be ashamed doesn’t work for me. I am always weary of shaming women for things that men do freely. Guys in college get wasted as a ritual, they don’t have to hide it from future employers, in fact they are practicing to drink with future co-workers. But women have to be careful not to ruin their ladylike manners.

• Some visual rhetoric for you. Want to be beautiful? Don’t be a Democrat, be a Republican. This is repugnant. Via Feministing:

GOP and Democratic Women Image

• Via The Nonist, this reproduction. The original had Gerald Ford underneath the hand, with different companies above (Click on the image to see it full-sized):

Bush Puppet

• Via Chuck Tryon, Check out this Video parodying Ann Coulter, as well as Chuck’s comments on the video.

• Cara Finnegan links to Demopics, a blog with images and text from students in Ned O’Gorman’s University of Illinois’s class, in which he asked them to “picture democracy.” Some interesting views and images chosen, I think.

• Dawn discusses the relationship between definitions of rhetoric and gender.

• Via AdacedHack, this slideshow on using slideshows during presentations:

Perhaps I’ll show this in my classes.

• Michael Wesch responds to responses to his video “A Vision of Students Today.”

And my Bloglines account is now clear, except for posts that I’ve marked to “pin.”

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