broken goals

At the beginning of this school year, I set certain goals/rules for myself because I wasn’t the healthiest graduate student ever over the last two years. Looks like I broke a number of them yesterday.

First rule: Go to bed before midnight on weeknights. I’ve broken this one about 3 times since school began four weeks ago, but last night I broke it big time by being up until 2:30 grading and preparing for class.

Second rule: No more than two cups of coffee per day. I had four yesterday. The last one of which was a soy latte. I think it had two shots of espresso, so perhaps that’s the equivalent of five cups total.

Third rule: No coffee after 6:00pm. Oops. Broke that last night too.

But I guess I had a lot of work to catch up on, and it was warranted. But I don’t like telling myself that it’s warranted, because really, I don’t want to have to make exceptions because I worry that I’ll continue to make exceptions instead of continuing with my healthier choices.

Overall, I’m making moves to living more healthily (I’m even going to the gym three days a week!), so I’d rather not screw it up by creating a huge amount of sleep debt and increasing my tolerance to caffeine. You should have seen me in graduate school: overloaded on coffee and sleeping four hours a night. I am feeling much better health-wise this year.

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  1. Eric Stoller says:

    We will lift more weight at the gym in an effort to sweat the caffeine out of your system…

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