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Some interesting links:

• Konrad Glogowski posts about his own voice in blogs while teaching 8th grade. I found his post really interesting in regards to personal voice and identity presentation/representation. An excerpt:

What I am really concerned about, however, is my own voice. For the past three years, my three successive grade eight classes enjoyed blogging and created successful and engaging blogging communities. Most of the time, this development took place without me. While I certainly encouraged my bloggers, discussed their work in class, and posted comments to involve my students in instructional conversations, I have always been absent as a person. This year, I want things to be different.

This year, I want my personal voice to be present in the community. I will, of course, continue to be present as Mr.Glogowski, the grade eight Language Arts teacher. I will be present in my didactic and supportive role of an educator, of a classroom teacher who guides and explains. At the same time, I want to be present as Konrad Glogowski, the human being who has his own interests and views. I want to be present as an individual, not an individual reduced to one role.

In other words, I want the students to see me as yet another blogger in their community, as someone whose reason for being there is not only to support and instruct but also to learn. To learn from and with my students.

• Via Blogging Pedagogy, among many others, Google has made a video explaining Google Docs:

• Clancy posted some interesting images on Kairosnews with visual representations of online arguments. Good for discussion prompts. Here’s an example:
Internet Argument

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