blog as palimpsest

Note for Chapter 3:

Following Geoffrey Sirc in English Composition as a Happening, can we view blogs as palimpsests, the constant putting new ideas or artifacts on top of old ones, a constant revisioning of ideas, a collage? Blogs, even those that “look” neat and tidy, are messy compositions, right?

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  1. sara jameson says:

    Absolutely a blog is a palimsest, with layers of meaning superceding, and the newest on top, and when we scrape down / dig down / into the past, other older meanings appear.

    Especially if anyone edits a blog post by superimposing.

    What about where a user can see the history of the changes? For that matter, what about Wikipedia’s history pages?

  2. Laura says:

    Hmmm, I think that blogs are great, though, for exactly one of the ways they’re not like palimpsests: we don’t destroy or obscure the earlier words. Palimpsests are known for obscuring the earlier ideas, while blogs are known for retaining them. But, yeah, in another way, blogs are a lot like palimpsests: layers, layers, wonderful layers.

    Interesting stuff, either way. 🙂

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