The New Research Summit

Lisa Ede and I are presenting at the New Research Summit in Eugene on May 12. Lisa will talk about her research involving citizen reviewers on cites like and on her experience using blogs in the classroom, and I’ll be talking about my use of this blog for classes, research, and now, gradually, my thesis. The New Research Summit also has a Blogger weblog set up here, where some interesting sharing and discussion has been going on. It’s quite exciting to be interacting with so many people in this environment.

I’m also creating a handout to go into the packet, so I’m compiling some blogs that I’m finding interesting. I really wish I had all the free time in the world (who doesn’t wish this?) so that I could read blogs everyday. There is so much interesting conversation going on and I’m missing a lot of it because I don’t have time to read 30 blogs a day (most days I feel as thought I don’t have time to read more than 10, if that). Last fall I did read 30 a day, but now I just don’t have the time.

So, on this handout I’m going to list the blogs that I think are pretty good or interesting to go to. Some I’d like to highlight there, as well as here, include:

The Ongoing Conversation: OSU Writing 222 with Sara Jameson

Weblogg-Ed: The Read/Write Web in the Classroom

Kairosnews: A Weblog for Discussing Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy

Culturecat: Rhetoric and Feminism

Blogging Pedagogy (U of Texas)


OSU Center for Writing and Learning Online Portal

Thinking with My Fingers: Torill Mortensen

The Valve: A Literary Organ

Community College English

So, I’ve added a few links to my sidebar because of this, but I think these are the ones I’ll include in the handout, if not a few others as well (or, depending on space, I might not include a few). This post took me forevah because I kept getting distracted by so many other blogs to read. In fact, I think I made three or four posts that are newere than this one before publishing this post.

Wow! I love blogs!

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