disappearing blogs

As I go through my links on the sidebar, I’ve had to delete a few links because they are now dead. Thus, the ephemeral nature of blogs. It’s kind of interesting, and also, I think, kind of sad. We’ve always “lost” text because it was lost to fire, to going in the trash, or simply got lost, etc. But now that we have such wonderful ways to keep texts, and to keep them existant for so long, we also have such an easy way to dispense of them, so that not even their ashes exist. I’m perhaps being a bit romantic with that metaphor, but really, I am always saddened when a link no longer works or when someone decides to stop blogging and takes down their blog.

Perhaps it’s my anal retentiveness coming in—my strong desire to keep and catalogue everything. Heck, I still have the papers I wrote for my freshmen composition course at Iowa State!

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