Falling for Foucault

Recently, I’ve been reading some Foucault for theory group and for Writing 593. I’ve read sections of The Order of Things, the essays “What is an Author” and “Nietzsche, Geneology, History,” and an excerpt from “The Order of Discourse.”

From “The Order of Discourse”:

Any system of education is a political way of maintaining or modifying the appropriation of discourses, along with the knowledge and powers which they carry….What, after all, is an education system, other than a ritualization of speech, a qualification and a fixing of the roles for speaking subjects, the constitution of a doctrinal group, however diffuse, a distribution and an appropriation of discourse with its powers and knowledges?” (1469)

Foucault, Michel. “From The Order of Discourse.” The Rhetorical Tradition: Readings from the Classical Times to the Present. Eds. Patricial Bizzell and Bruce Herzberg. Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2004. 1460-1470.

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