after our ma writing group meeting

We had a really good conversation in our MA Writing Group meeting on Wednesday regarding my thesis topic ideas. It was really helpful and very engaging. In fact, Sarah B. pointed out how my topic was the first thesis topic that really provoked an argument about ideas. It was really cool.

Earlier on my blog Kevin Brooks commented and suggested that I focus on a particular work or author, such as B.J. Fogg. I received similar recommendations from the MAWG. Dr. HBH made a great suggestion that since this such a huge topic that I should pick something to focus on (on text or discourse realm) and engage the topic around that. I agree that this is a great idea.

Texts/discourse realms that came up during the discussion:
Particular activist movements (I am considering queer activism)
The language arts classroom and how discussion/argument is conducted
Women’s Studies classrooms
Sitcoms and the use of conflict within them, as well as how they’re solved so tightly

Right now, I am leaning towards studying hypertexts, and a few people caught onto the energy behind my “proposal” (or whatever it is) when I wrote thtat hypertexts are “texts that listen.” I think hypertexts are fascinating, so I think I’m leaning towards focusing on them.

Lisa Ede forwarded me the article “Hypertext Theory and Criticism: An Annotated Bibliography” by Aparna Zambare, which is full of resources to look at. I noticed that quite a few of them focus on narrative instead of argument, but that’s okay and will be something to consider anyway (perhaps). Plus, I’m also very interested in narratology.

Right now, I’m unsure of a “next step,” but perhaps it’s reading up on theory, background, and reading some hyptertexts. Well, perhaps “next” is getting caught up in my homework for this quarter, but I feel like I have somewhere I’m going, which is a great feeling.

A few other notes from our MAWG meeting:
Someone noted that Foucault writes that by avoiding talking about binaries we are reinforcing those binaries in History of Sexuality, Part 1.
Read Metaphors We Live By by Lakoff and Johnson (I’ve read part of it before for undergraduate rhetorical analysis, but it’s been a while).

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