on what a “knowledge log” should be

After writing my seminar paper for English 595 (on k-logs), I am left reflecting on what a knowledge log should be. A lot of my posts were simply remediating note cards, serving as a place to keep quotes and paraphrases as well as citations. I think this is a huge advantage of blogs – this ability to organize your notecards and keep your research in one central location. As I wrote in my paper, this allowed my to write my paper wherever I was, as long as there is wireless.

However, now I’m beginning to re-think how I use this. I think some posts that are notecards are fine, but shouldn’t I be reflecting my thoughts, my personality, onto this weblog? Shouldn’t posts not only contain information from others, but also my reflections upon that? I did do this on some posts, but rarely. I could have been more brave and put out my immediate thoughts related to what I was blogging about. So, from now on, I’m going to try to make this a bit more personal of a research log, to try to value my personal and immediate reactions to my research (and widen what I view as research as well, since I’m now going to use this blog to research for my thesis, whatever exactly that may be).

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